Thursday, August 17, 2017

September 21 - Special Agents Kerns and Decker - Fighting Terrorism

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Terry L. Kerns PhD, Terry supervises a Joint Task force on counter terrorism here in Las Vegas.

Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Scott Decker PhD. Scott led a team of FBI of hazardous materials experts on September 12, 2011 to Ground Zero in New York City.

Shortly after 911 the US came under attack again. This time from anthrax resulting in 5 deaths. Scott joined the newly formed Amerithrax Task Force. Scott is an published author, and his new book, Recounting the Anthrax Attacks, Terror, the Amerithax Task Force and the Evolution of Forensics in the FBI, will be available in Fall of 2017.

This husband and wife team of criminal justice experts will share stories and discuss the state of our country in fighting terrorism. Both speakers live in Sun City.

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