Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 19 - Meet David McKeon, Adam Laxalt. & Jared Fisher

David McKeon - Candidate for 3rd Congressional District.

“ I listen every day to struggling Nevadans and I understand your worries. Everyone wants to get America back on the right track. We need public servants that have the backbone to make the tough decisions to rebuild and defend America.”
  • Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party
  • First to introduce then Candidate Trump to Nevada 
  • Defender of veterans’ benefits
  • Proponent of: 
  • Limit government spending
  • Growing a skilled workforce
  • Increasing good-paying jobs
  • Restoring competitive healthcare, and
  • Enforcing laws.

Attorney General Adam Laxalt Candidate for Governor of Nevada.

Laxalt is a father, husband, and fourth-generation native Nevadan. He is a former Lieutenant in the United States Navy, where he was trained as a prosecutor and legal advisor. While in the Navy, Laxalt served as a Judge Advocate General and volunteered to serve in a combat zone in Iraq at Forward Operating Base Camp Victory. 

Adam Laxalt was sworn into office on January 5, 2015, making him Nevada’s 33rd Attorney General and, at the time, the youngest in the country.  As Attorney General, Laxalt has taken a bold, results-driven approach to serving the people of Nevada and keeping our communities safe.

Jared Fisher GOP Candidate for Governor

I support local control in schools that will allow principals, teachers, parents and students to shape both their curriculum and overall educational goals and objectives to fit the specific needs of each individual school.

Gaming and tourism will always be the financial lifeblood of Nevada’s economy, but we must diversify our industries and our revenue sources so that downturns in the economy do not devastate our lower-income residents.

There are too many regulations that work as roadblocks for business growth. I’m in favor of de-regulating and reducing the bureaucracy for small businesses.

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