Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21 - Marsy's Law and Proposition No 3

Marsy's Law and Proposition No3

Marsy's Law - Nevada

Lynda Tache Political Director for Marsy’s Law.

Marsy’s Law is an equal rights bill for victims of violent crimes and abuse which will be on the November 2018 ballot as Question 1.

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Tracy Skenandore, Communications Director for No On 3.

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  1. I disagree with noon3. NVEnergy, which funds noon3, did away with the private roof-top solar panel market only a few years ago. The poor legislation had to be corrected one year later after costing thousands of jobs. Noon3 says a YES vote will cost Nevada billions, yet the casino/resorts spent tens of million $ to get OFF the grid. Noon3 does not know why the question is on the ballot and yet it was NVEnergy who tried to pull a fast one on consumers just a few years ago. NVEnergy is a Berkshire Hathaway company owned by Warren Buffet, a leading democrat funder. Something is not right (transparent) with this whole issue.

  2. NO on 3

    I'm not sure that the presentation was "fair and balanced." I felt that we were being sold a bill of goods with grossly hyperbolized projections of gloom and doom if the proposition passed. In reading the article in the link, it's clear that there is another side to the question.

    Hopefully we can get a speaker to represent the other side of this story.

    I'm not sure that more regulation is a conservative position to take despite it's being presented as a "bipartisan" position.