Thursday, August 16, 2018

August 16 - Ryan Cherry - Yes on 3 & Crescent Hardy for Congress

Ryan Cherry,

Yes on Proposition 3

For more information from click here.

Attachment: Nevadans for Energy Choice.

Kevin Wall

Radio Talk Show Host 790 AM and 104.3-2
In an era where talk radio hosts are often perceived as “mean spirited”, listeners are learning what the nation already knew---that Kevin Wall is a breath of fresh air in a medium full of negativity. He’ll make you laugh---and he treats callers as welcome “guests” rather than “the enemy”. You’ll notice the difference in tone immediately.

Wall is regularly heard filling in for national hosts like Glenn Beck, Brian Kilmeade and Bill Bennett. Local stations in San Francisco, Washington DC, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Atlanta, and Seattle make their first call to Kevin Wall when a local host is ill or on vacation.

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