Wednesday, July 13, 2022

2022 Election Results for Sun City

Election Results

Submitted By: Bob Beers

Two years ago, Nevada’s ballot was a little thin: there was no Governor’s race, nor a US Senate race. That’s a lull that only happens every 12 years, though, and this year we will be back to a busier ballot.

The marquis races will feature Gov. Sisolak (D) v. Sheriff Lombardo (R) and Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto (D) v. Adam Laxalt (R).

Besides the US Senate race, Sun City voters will also decide between reelecting Congresswoman Susie Lee (D) or replacing her with April Becker(R).

As well, the other state executive offices are up for grabs:

  • Lt. Governor: incumbent Lisa Cano Burkhead (D), who Gov. Sisolak picked after the elected LG quit for a partisan job in Washington, and Stavros Anthony (R) who we all know because he’s represented Sun City at Las Vegas City Hall for the last 14 years.
  • Attorney General: incumbent Aaron Ford (D) v first-time office seeker Sigal Chattah (R). Sigal notoriously defended churches against Gov. Sisolak’s closure order as the Covid panic was just setting in.
  • Secretary of State: Incumbent Barbara Cegavske is the only Republican holding state executive office but she has served her term limits and must retire. Running to succeed her are first-time candidate Cisco Aguilar (D) and former Assemblyman Jim Marchant (R).
  • Treasurer: Incumbent Zach Conine (D) v Michelle Fiore (R), currently a City Council member who has also served in the Nevada Assembly.
  • Controller: Ellen Spiegel (D) v Andy Matthews (R) who represented Sun City during the 2020 Legislature as our Assemblyman.

For the last two legislative sessions (and four calendar years) we have lived under a Democrat “trifecta” in which both houses of the state legislature and the Governor’s office have been held by Democrats. Senate District 6 and Assembly District 34 are where this plays out in Sun City. We have no Senate election this year because it’s the off-cycle in a four year term.

In our Assembly District 34, Sun City provides more than half of the total vote. Shea Backus (D), who lost re-election to Andy Matthews (R, see the Controller race above) two years ago, is not running again. A spirited Republican primary saw Jacob Deaville (R) chosen as Conservatives’ standard-bearer.

The other spirited primary in Sun City, for the Las Vegas City Council seat that Stavros Anthony is vacating, finished with Sun City resident (and club member) Bob Beers (R) finishing first. Beers has represented Sun City in the Legislature and was a member of the City Council (2012-2017). He will face a general election against the second-place finisher – Frances Allen-Palenske (R), married to a city employee.

Sun City’s County Commissioner will not be on the ballot as it is another four-year term decided two years ago. However, there will be elections for other County executive offices (DA, Recorder, Treasurer, Public Administrator).

Our neighborhood’s University Regent Dist. 7, incumbent Dr. Mark Doubrava has reached term limits and cannot run again. The two top finishers in the election to replace him are Susan Brager (D), former County Commissioner for a different area, and Dave Crete (R), a real estate broker making his first run for office.

Our school district trustee, Lola Brooks, was reelected in 2020 and won’t face voters again until 2024.

As you can see, it’s a busy and important ballot.


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