Saturday, October 21, 2017

November: Events! Resident Forum - Veterans Project - Annual Meeting (Potluck)

November is packed full of patriotic events!

The November 8th Residents' Forum will be MC'd by our own President, Jay Sesto and will feature speaker Vietnam veteran Chuck Dean. Join Jay and Chuck for a great talk, pie, and ice cream.

If you would like to volunteer to help needy veterans and their families in Las Vegas, the Kline Veterans Fund need help in collecting money. Click here for more information, or click the image to the right.

November 16 is our annual meeting which will be a potluck dinner. Bring your favorite dishes to share with others. Please sign-up for the potluck by going to this link or clicking the image to the left.

It is also the meeting at which we vote for our officers and directors for the next year.


  1. Jay,

    My wife and I are confused about the Potluck dinner. There is a sign up page but we have no idea what has been committed to (if anything) so we can know what to bring. Also there was hardly any announcement or anyone with any knowledge of any organization about it at the last meeting.

    A list of promised contributions that updates daily would be most helpful. This seems to be to little to late. Confusing.

  2. Is this dinner still happening? Will there be main dishes/side dishes, etc. enough to feed everyone? Or is everyone going to bring store bought cookies!

    Suggestion. Maybe a $5 or $10 contribution from everyone would let us do a Raising Canes run for dinner.

    Other suggestions?