Thursday, March 19, 2020

Canceled - March 19, 2020 Meeting


March 19, Meeting: Niger Innis and Dan Schwartz

Niger Innis

Niger Innis ​is the National Chairman of CORE, one of America’s oldest civil rights organizations.

A regular Fox News Channel contributor, Mr. Innis was one of the first political and social commentators for MSNBC upon its launch in 1996. He was hired as a political commentator for National Public Radio in 2004.

Mr. Innis currently provides weekly commentary for CNN and the Fox Business Network. Mr. Innis has also provided commentary for ABC News, CBS News, BBC, CBC and other major outlets. He remains one of the most sought-after political and social commentators in the country.

In 2014, Mr. Innis entered the Republican primary for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. He won the endorsement of the Nevada Republican State Convention, but narrowly lost a hotly contested race to former Rep. Crescent Hardy (R-NV).

Mr. Innis’ activities in the international arena are many.

In 1997 Mr. Innis led several democracy promoting delegations to Nigeria to assist the transitional process from military to civilian rule.  On May 29, 1999 Mr. Innis was invited to attend the inauguration of Nigeria’s first elected president since the 1970s.

In 1998 Mr. Innis led a CORE delegation to East Africa to promote peace and security for the country of Sudan. Innis met with heads of state from Uganda, Kenya, Sudan and John Garang of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army.

In 2000, Mr. Innis was selected by senior U.S. officials to serve on the American Swiss Foundation Young Leaders Conference in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1997, he was honored as a delegate to the 19th American-German Young Leaders Conference in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2003, Mr. Innis was elected to the United Nations Executive Committee of NGO's; this body oversees and regulates the activity of UN authorized NGOs around the world.

Mr. Innis attended Georgetown University.

Mr. Innis currently serves on the board of the American Conservative Union, American Media Institute, Accuracy in Media, National Black Chamber of Commerce, Founding Member Project 21 of the National Center for Public Policy Research, and National Rifle Association (NRA) Membership, Outreach, Nominations, and Ethics Committees. In 2014, Mr. Innis was elected to the Executive Board of the Nevada NAACP.

He was born and raised in Harlem, New York and has lived in North Las Vegas, Nevada since 2008. 

Dan Schwartz Congressional District 3 candidate

Dan completed his term as Nevada State Treasurer (2015-2019) last year and is currently a Republican candidate for the Congressional seat in CD 3.   During his 4 years in office, Dan fought for the Nevada taxpayer and middle class by revamping the State’s investment program, quintupling (5x) returns on the General Fund; was the first to question the $1.2 billion commerce tax, the largest tax increase in Nevada history; successfully defeated a scheme to fund the Faraday Future project in North Las Vegas, sparing Nevada taxpayers $175 million in defaulted bonds; and, led the charge on parental choice  (ESAs), registering 10,000 students before the program fell to political bickering.  He launched a College Savings Program aimed at creating a “culture of education” in the state; and, reduced the processing period in unclaimed property from 120 to 25 days.

Dan grew up in suburban Chicago, and received his undergraduate degree from Princeton; J.D. from Boston University; and his MBA from Columbia. He enlisted in the United States Army during the Cold War and was stationed on a Pershing missile nuclear base in Europe.

Dan has over 40 years’ experience in the financial and publishing industries. An innovative entrepreneur, he turned around a struggling financial publication and founded the world’s first digital media delivery platform for print publications.  He is also a member of the Illinois bar.

Dan has authored two books (both available on Amazon):  The Future of Finance:  How Private Equity and Venture Capital Will Shape the Global Economy (John Wiley); and Principles of the American Republic (Sturdy Oak Press).

Dan is married, the father of two daughters, and resides with his wife, Yanan, in Las Vegas.

April Becker, Senate candidate

April Becker is a true Nevada success story.

As a working mom with young children, April put herself through college and law school at UNLV.

April is the owner of April Becker & Associates law firm and is a top-rated litigator and real estate attorney in Las Vegas.

April has always enjoyed fighting for the underdog and taking the tough cases. She was selected as a Super Lawyer Rising Star and inducted into the “100 Hours Club” by the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada for her pro-bono legal aid to those in need.

April firmly believes in giving back and serving the Las Vegas community. She proudly serves on the UNLV Libraries Advisory Board.

April has built her business right here in Southern Nevada. She and her husband, Matt, have also raised their three children here. They enjoy giving back to the Las Vegas community they all call home.